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Agricultural Production – Crops.

Land preparation is the first task in ensuring that crops can get the best results. Providing the best ground conditions for plants is essential for their development. A proper seed bed should be prepared with the right nutrients and conditions that allow, first, to sprout seeds and then establish the crop for later development. Traditionally, this has been done by aggressive practices such as plowing, dragging and shooting, etc. These practices are not only unsustainable in the long run, but labor-intensive, especially in low mechanical contexts, and thus become a burden for small-scale farmers in need. seed beds prepared by hand with basic tools.California is the leading US farm income country and accounts for more than 13 percent of the country's total agricultural value. The commodities with the highest production in 2018 include, The strategy adopted for this purpose is to increase crop production and productivity and enable farmers to diversify their crop production to take advantage of market opportunities. the department's main role is to help farmers adopt better technology and facilitate the establishment of farm production and marketing infrastructure. New avenues are being explored for investment. The department also promotes agricultural crop diversification to motivate farmers to move to low-value crops of high value such as vegetables, medicinal plants and niche products such as saffron, rajmash, zeera, mushrooms, and so on.

Historically, agriculture has been as important in Australia's development as it was in the United States. Australia's traditional sovereignty over wheat and sheep lasts until the 21st century. Recently Australian agriculture has become widely diversified. The significant increase in cultivable land has helped Australia to become the world's leading exporter of grain, meat and wool. Both grains (mainly wheat and barley) and small markets worldwide are dominated by Australian exports. The cattle market is very regional but in view of health concerns over European-originated beef, globally, the day is becoming more and more important. While about 6 percent of Australia's crops and pastures

Agricultural Production – Crops

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