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Stock Market Trends to Expect in 2020

Expectations are high after a big year for stocks, Investors are going to earn less. A lot less, probably In Next 12 months, As the end of the year and the decade approaches, Wall Street strategists have been delivering their expectations about where the stock market will close out 2020.In retrospect, 2019 was an almost perfect year for stock-market investors. Stocks advanced solidly with little volatility along the way.Investors are likely to experience many headwinds in 2020 as the prolonged trade war with China reaches more hurdles and additional volatility continues with a presidential election.2019 was a heck of a year for US stocks, but can the market keep soaring in 2020? with GE and Google Bold stock-market calls for 2020 Begin 2019 was a dynamic and unpredictable year across the investing and financial services landscapes, It’s the most wonderful time of the year — when investment gurus unveil their predictions for what the stock market will return in the coming year,

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