Kumari aunty: Viral Hyderabad food stall owner, whose plight led CM Revanth Reddy to intervene, says ‘enough is enough’

The increasing crowds outside Dasari Sai Kumari’s stall near ITC Kohenur in Hyderabad led to significant traffic congestion, prompting the traffic police to request her to relocate. Seeking assistance, Kumari Aunty soon reached out to influencers.

In recent days, ‘Kumari Aunty,’ renowned for offering delectable non-vegetarian dishes at her roadside food stall in Hyderabad’s IT district of Madhapur, experienced the ups and downs typical of a street vendor’s life, amplified by social media. While her online fame significantly contributed to her success and subsequent revival, with direct involvement from the chief minister, Dasari Sai Kumari expresses her exhaustion with the situation.

As hundreds of YouTubers waited eagerly for her return on Saturday afternoon near the thatched-roof eatery, her first reaction was a heartfelt request to allow her to do her business and earn a living. “Enough is enough,” she said.

On January 30, just four days ago, the traffic police in the area requested her to close her shop and relocate to a more appropriate spot. The substantial crowds gathering outside her stall frequently led to significant traffic disruptions in the vicinity. The street near ITC Kohenur attracts a diverse crowd, including young IT professionals, drivers, and daily laborers every afternoon.

On X (formerly Twitter), the Chief Minister’s Chief Public Relations Officer Boreddy Ayodhya Reddy announced that Chief Minister Sri @Revanth_Anumula has directed the @TelanganaDGP & MAUD to revoke the decision to relocate #KumariAunty’s street-side eatery. Prajala Palana reflects the government’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurs, and the Congress government intends to visit her stall shortly.

Social media hype and troubles:

Social media buzz and Kumari’s popularity worry nearby stall owners, fearing eviction due to ongoing traffic disruptions. A neighboring stall operator appreciates the popularity but urges crowd management for everyone’s business.

Expressing frustration over Kumari’s criticism of vloggers and influencers, Shravani Balaji, one of them, stated that around 200 YouTubers, including her, have been covering Kumari’s situation from the start. Shravani emphasized that they address issues overlooked by mainstream media and played a role in garnering a response from the CM, preventing shop evictions. She refuted the notion of doing it solely for views, stating their longstanding commitment to covering such stories.

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