Meta Experiences Global Outages: Instagram and Facebook Unavailable, Users Logged Out

Meta’s Services Face Disruption: Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, and Threads Encounter Server Issues; Users Report Page Loading Problems

Instagram, Facebook down: Meta grapples with widespread outages as Instagram, Facebook, Threads, and Messenger experience disruptions globally.

Downdetector, a website monitoring service disruptions, has registered more than 300,000 Facebook outages and over 47,000 reports of outages for Instagram globally.

Mark Zuckerberg-led Meta said that they are working to fix the problem.

“We are aware that people are experiencing difficulties accessing our services. We are currently addressing this,” stated Meta spokesperson Andy Stone in a post on X social media platform.

Instagram, Facebook, Meta, Messenger not working

Users experienced issues around 8:56 pm, reporting difficulties in loading content on their feeds. Issues are being reported with the app, login, and uploading content.

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