National Pokemon Day (February 27th, 2022)

Celebrating the anniversary of this year’s Japanese publication in Pokemon Red and Green on February 27 the 27th of February, 1996, this day is a favourite for all those who are fans of the franchise. The game was created in collaboration with Game Freak and released by Nintendo to play using Game Boy. Game Boy. With collectible pocket monsters, the game first appeared in Japan in the form of “Pocket Monsters: Red” and “Pocket Monsters: Green” Then it was later followed later that year by the special version called “Pocket Monsters: Blue”.

In terms of the celebrations that mark National Pokemon Day are concerned it is the Pokemon Company always seems to have plenty of things planned for its fans to celebrate the day every year. From Snapchat filters, to toys, and everything else!

In the year 2018 the Pokemon Company announced several new products and features to celebrate the annual holiday which included the U.S. launch of “Pikachu Talk” app for Amazon’s Alexa devices as well as Google Home devices.

In addition, in collaboration with Snapchat the company has made the decision to release three brand new Snapchat lenses featuring the iconic Pokemon Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle. Bulbasaur was the first to be released then Charizard as well as Squirtle. Each lens is adorned with the Pokemon that is located at the bottom of the image, with a halo effect that resembles the Snapchatter’s head.

In February 20, 2020, the company made it possible for fans to vote on”the “Pokemon of the Year” and let fans pick their favourite characters from the various categories. In the year 2000, Greninja was the winner overall as well as Charizard was the winner in the Kanto region, and Johto was the winner from the Umbreon region.

By 2021, excited players were eager to mark Pokemon’s anniversary, which was 25 years ago. There was the virtual concert of the rapper Post Malone, special PokemonTV programming, as well as other special events located in Los Angeles, California, and the launch of a brand new Nintendo Switch game, called Pokemon Snap.

Additionally, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the franchise, the Pokemon franchise has teamed up together with Levi’s brand to launch a limited edition line of 90’s inspired clothes that includes Pokemon characters-inspired jeans, denim jackets, shorts for jeans, hoodies T-shirts, and much many more.

National Pokemon Day Timeline

Satoshi Tajiri begins an online gaming publication (1982)

Alongside his illustrator and friend Ken Sugimori Satoshi begins “Game Freak” gaming magazine that would later become a gaming business in 1989.

Pokemon is made available by Japan (1996)

The original title was Pocket Monsters: Red and Green The Gameboy games were completed in the last quarter of 1995 and made available to the general public in February of 1996. The games’ popularity grows when two games are released instead of a single game.

Pokemon is available on both the US in the US and Australia (1998)

After being a hit in Japan After gaining popularity in Japan, the American launch of Pokemon is released two years after. It is during this time where the term Pocket Monsters is shortened to Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is released (2016)

The first step into the world of Augmented Reality (AR), Pokemon Go is released as an app for mobile devices that can be played on smartphones. It’s one of the best frequently used apps, and one of the highest-profit apps of the year.

Pokemon Celebrates its 25 years of existence (2021)

Alongside releasing new games, such as Brilliant Diamond as well as Shining Pearl, in honor of the day, Nintendo organizes special events featuring big names such as the rappers Post Malone and Katy Perry. McDonald’s is also involved in trading cards as part of Happy Meals.

How to Celebrate National Pokemon Day

No matter if you’ve been a dedicated enthusiast of Pokemon for a long time or a newbie to the world of Pokemon This day is full of possibilities for fun and enjoyment! Explore these ideas to celebrate National Pokemon Day, or create some unique ideas of your own

Host a National Pokemon Day Party

Invite your friends who are also enthusiasts to get together to celebrate an National Pokemon Day party where lots of enjoyable Pikachu as well as Ash Ketchum adventure are played. Set up to a Nintendo Switch gaming system and make sure your friends are ready to have a blast playing. Make sure to wear costumes in their character of choice of the game!

Naturally, the food and decorations for the event are supposed to be themed around Pokemon. Alongside playing Pokemon games on video, other games for children could be Pin the Tail on the Pikachu or an exciting game called Catch ‘Em All with balls that are hidden (like one from an Easter Egg hunt) or creating a paper craft made of Pikachu ears. There’s a lot of fun waiting to be discovered!

Make Some National Pokemon Day Themed Snacks

When it comes to hosting a celebration or simply bringing some snacks to the workplace to share with colleagues enjoyable culinary experiences are possible to explore in the spirit or the occasion. Snacks and food can be themed around Pokemon characters, and include recipes that can be adapted to suit your needs, such as these:

  • Poke Ball Pizza. It’s easy to transform an ordinary pizza into something unique by turning it into the shape of a Poke Ball. If you have a round pizza you can draw lines and a small circles in to the centre of the “Poke Ball and fill it with black olives. placing cheese on uppermost part of the one, and pepperoni on another side. Bake and then enjoy!
  • Bulbasaur Cake. A talented baker can transform the cake into the adorable Pokemon character. The bulb and legs can be created from rice crispy treats , and the entire thing is covered with blue-green fondant.
  • Poke Ball Cookies. The same concept can be applied to Poke Ball Pizza, decorate round cookies with white on one side and red on the otherside, and then pipe black icing that you piped into a piping bag to make a circular shape with a middle, and lines on both sides.

Play Pokemon Go

Even though it was the time of year that brought it into the spotlight as a major fashion but it’s still a fun popular game Pokemon Go remains as enjoyable as ever. You can play it either by itself or in groups. The simplified version of the game is available via an app for smartphones. While there’s not enough buzz about the game like there was in the past, it’s still considered to be one of the most popular mobile games on the market Live events can occasionally scheduled (i.e. Go Fest).

The game is constantly evolving and offer new challenges as players look around for unique and exclusive characters to add to their collection. Pokemon merchandise can also be traded between friends when competing against them or joining teams with them. A few people are really enjoying the ability to transform their avatars into costumes!

Serve Pokemon Cocktails

Indulge yourself in the mood of the moment by serving and drinking an assortment of colorful drinks that are in the spirit of different characters. If the gathering has kids you can turn these into adorable mocktails that don’t contain alcohol. Check these out or be creative and come up with your own drinks:

  • Squirtle Squad Shot. It is a blue-green-colored version of the Squirtle squad, this drink is made by mixing 1/3 shot of three distinct ingredients: spiced Rum, blue curacao and coconut rum. A drink that is a chaser made of pineapple juice is a wonderful way to end this drink.
  • The Pikachu Martini (Pika-tini). Bright yellow is the hue of the character that inspired the drink. Create it with mango puree and mango Absolut vodka, Campari and grenadine. Combining the ingredients creates the perfect red and yellow presentation. Serve with a maraschino cherries and a triangle slice mango (as an ode towards the ears of Pikachu).
  • the Fire Breather. Originally depicted as big clowns, these figures spew flames from their mouths. This drink is made with one drink of Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey, a small amount of grenadine, an ounce of Bacardi Rum and ginger beer.
  • Jiggly Puff Pina Colada. Made from fresh fruit (pineapple as well as strawberries) along with coconut milk, white rum and lime juice, as well as orange juice, and Coco Lopez the mixed drink is a delicious dessert-like delight with a tropical flair.

Whatever the age at which the person was an avid fan, or what starter Pokemon inspired someone to embark to their first adventure the experience can be recognized and appreciated in this special day. National Pokemon Day!

National Pokemon Day FAQs

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is an online game that belongs to the Nintendo games family. It is a collection of small creatures who are in the wild along with human characters. 

 When is National Pokemon Day?

The day is celebrated on February 27 of every the year. National Pokemon Day is celebrated on this day since it marks the anniversary of the launch of the first Pocket Monsters Gameboy games in 1996. 

 What is the process behind Pokemon Go work?

Pokemon Go can be described as the name of an Augmented Reality (AR) game where players explore the real world, only to come across Pokemon characters that appear in the game’s map. The objective is “catch” as many as possible using Poke balls at them. 

 What exactly are Pokemon cards?

Pokemon cards are cards for trading that children are able to collect. They include the different figures of The Pokemon video games. The objective is to build an impressive deck that allow players to prevail in battle. 

 What are Pokemon Community Days?

These events occur every month and are tied to Pokemon Go. Pokemon Go game. Pokemon Community Days happen worldwide and let trainers meet in places local to them such as parks and to get acquainted with one another.

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