The Wolf Moon falls on Republic Day Eve this year: How to watch

This year, the “Wolf Moon” falls on Thursday, January 25, on the eve of Republic Day.

This year’s first full moon is called the Wolf Moon, named after howling wolves, and it is happening on Thursday night.

Throughout the year, full moons are occasionally named, such as the “Wolf Moon,” corresponding to the months and seasons of their occurrence. The term “Wolf Moon,” with Celtic and Old English roots, signifies the increased activity of wolves in the early parts of the year, as explained by Time and Date. Additional Celtic designations for this full moon include “Stay Home Moon” and “Quiet Moon.” In certain Native American cultures, it is alternatively known as “Severe Moon” or “Center Moon.”

“Howling and other wolf vocalizations are heard in the wintertime to locate pack members, reinforce social bonds, define territory, and coordinate hunting,” says the Farmer’s Almanac, which popularised the many names given to particular full moons over the year.

The Wolf Moon will rise at 5.26 PM IST on Thursday, January 25, meaning that it will be visible at least as soon as the sun sets, according to In the Sky. If you are in New Delhi, that will happen around 5.54 PM. Meanwhile, the moon will set at around 7.45 AM, which is a little after the sun rises.

The full moon on Thursday will be one of the few astronomy events during this season as there won’t be many meteor showers, planetary alignments or other interesting events until winter ends, according to USA Today.

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